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Advice on Taking Advice!

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of financial products and providers:
Thousands of banks, insurers, credit card companies, mutual funds, brokers, newsletter publishers...
...and each claims to have a solution to your financial needs!

Be cautious of accepting advice from people you don't know.
Don't believe everything you see online...
...People often disguise their motives!

And even if the opinions and advice are well-intentioned,
they may not be accurate or worthwhile.
All information and advice you receive is not of equal reliability or utility.

In general, when deciding what information and opinions
(sometimes a vaguely defined line separates the two)
to rely on, listen to what everyone has to say, both what they recommend and why.
Make a mental note of the recommendation and later check how they did.

Investigate an individual or organization more thoroughly by performing a search.
Letting someone else make your decisions for you does not free you from responsibility.

Knowledge is your best defense!
Get a second opinion, a third opinion, a fourth opinion...

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