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A.E.L.D.E. ?

A liberal translation of the Greek abbreviation "A.E.L.D.E." into English would perhaps be:
"Order Reception and Transmission Company SA" (A.E.L.D.E.).

By law, every A.E.L.D.E. is obliged to restrict itself to a mere mediatory role
in the conducting of stock-market transactions, including bonds and shares of mutual funds.

They are not allowed to receive any cash and/or securities and to offer any kind of guaranteed investments.
They are also not allowed to perform any transactions in futures, options, forex or repos.

Each A.E.L.D.E. has to have a minimum share capital of GRD 60 million and is
regulated and accredited by Greece's Capital Market Commission.

Every A.E.L.D.E. operates as a Societe Anonyme (SA or public limited company) with a
Board of Directors consisting of a Chief Executive Officer, a Chairman of the
Board and (in some cases) a Vice-Chairman and Member(s) of the Board.

Our Board of Directors consists of the Chief Executive Officer Mr. I.E.C. Haramis,
the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and six more members.

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