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( September 16, 1999 to February 5, 2000 )

February, 5
...You did it again!

OK!... OK!...
The market will eventually hit the 8000 mark!
( see November, 2 )
But, please take it easy!
Take a closer look at the "small" market details.
Look at the market Caps.
Don't keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again!
The big players are watching over you!
Believe you me! ...They are hungry!
Now, please read again my January, 25 article
and also take a good mental note of the following:
The Fed by hiking the interest rates,
until they take a more dramatic action(?),
- on March, 21 -
they will be chasing the overheated economy,
speculation and boiling inflation pressures!

February, 10
Investing can be an emotional process
unless you understand what you are investing in,
what you're trying to accomplish and
understand a few basic facts and statistics!
To make educated decisions and to avoid the emotional ones
always pursue the rational and logical side of investing.
Facts and statistics are the basis for good investing.
The stock market is not gambling!
Gambling is not included in companies' annual reports!

February, 10 - (Part Two)
Well... I did warn you! ...Didn't I?
I did say that the big players are watching!
I did mention that they are hungry!
I did bring into your attention that Patience is a Virtue!
Now... PLEASE!!! ...Don't try to blame anybody else!
The blame is only yours! ...You are a bit greedy aren't you?
Did you think that you were about to recover from your losses that easily?
Pump and Dump! ... Pump and Dump! ... You have been "Pumped and Dumped"!
LOOK BELOW! ...I have it there for more than a month!!!
The smart money will finish its "selective" acquisitions beginning tomorrow!

You want to find out the truth about the banking sector's
"so-called" profits?
Don't miss my next article!

February, 12 - (Banks: Part A')
What's the best way to value bank stocks and their profits now?
Some long-used yardsticks, like comparing price to historic book value or
dividend yields, are definately not reliable in today's market.
For instance, massive restructurings, bad debt write-offs and
creative accounting rendered book value
--a company's assets less liabilities--
a relatively useless measure!
By the same token, banks have channeled cash they once spent on dividends
into share repurchases that can boost stock prices.
So even though dividend yields may be low,
valuations aren't necessarily out of line.
If interest rates continue to ease, it's a no-brainer.
In a falling rate climate, stocks can pay off even better than bonds!
And who holds the most bonds?(!)
... the rest ... soon!

February, 15
Just A Few Reminders!

Buy good, strong growth companies with proven track records.
Don't buy concept stocks.
Don't try to make a quick buck.
Slow money is worth just as much!
Invest with a long-term perspective.
Don't invest on tips.
Do your homework and find out the facts before you buy a stock.
Above all, invest, don't speculate!
And don't try to compete with the professionals!

February, 18
Please, ... Read Me!
... and Me!

February, 26
Oversimplification... and the Mutual Funds!

March, 8
Now please don't worry!
Just be patient! Read again my January 25th, article!
Remember 3 dates: A. March 21 (Read again my February 5th article)
B. April 9 (Elections... The index will not be below 5500!) and
C. June 18 (The Drachmae will devalue 8-12%!)
Right after the elections the index will "correct" to the 4500 - 4600 level.
After that... I do insist! The Index will hit the 7500 to 8000 mark!
But instead of the end of spring (see my, November 2, article)
a bit later ...by the middle of summer!
So... be patient! Play the market! But... play it smart!

March, 14
The Marke's Up... The Market's Down!

For The Older Ones... Click Me!
( September 16, 1999 to February 5, 2000 )

Ioannis - Evangelos (Akis) C. Haramis
Was born in Athens, Greece in 1951.
He studied Business Administration, Marketing and Economics
in Chicago, ILL and Boulder, CO (USA)as well as in Leuven, Belgium.
Since early 1999 he is the major shareholder and CEO of ISHIS S.A. ( A.E.L.D.E. ) brokerage firm.

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