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The 10+4...
Golden Commandments!

The market can be a great place to turn your savings into wealth!
On the other hand, you can lose your shirt!

I.E.C. Haramis Says That If:

1. You don't invest ... You will lose!

2. You don't manage risks ... You will lose!

3. You don't use Cost Averaging ... You will lose!

4. You want to play ... You will lose!

5. You are greedy ... You will lose!

6. You don't understand your finances ... You will lose!

7. You panic ... You will lose!

8. You want to speculate ... You will lose!

9. You follow tips ... You will lose!

10. You place all your eggs in the same basket ... You will lose!

11. You don't investigate before you invest ... You will lose!

12. You don't know when not to invest ... You will lose!

13. You can't afford to lose ... You can't afford to make a profit!

14. You follow what I.E.C. Haramis says ... You will make a profit!

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