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The Cookie Jar

November 5, 1999 - By I. E. C. Haramis

Couple of years from now it will definately seem foolish,
this end-of-the-millenium "gold rush".
We will look back and see housewives using all their
"cookie-jar" available cash into stocks.
We will see taxi-drivers day trading!
We will see the dawn of the age that people were expecting to
make an easy and fast fortune out of the markets.
Is it crazy? or Excessive?
For when we do look back, we will realize that we were
witness to an excessive revolution, a revolution that created
money making aspirations out of thin air!
Frenzied momentum investing and day trading!
The truth is, few of us have the expertise required
to pick winners!
It may work for a while!
But in the end it's too risky,
too easy to get caught when the bubble bursts!
But let's face it, most of those house wives and taxi drivers,
would be better off sticking to their cooking and driving.

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