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Paying for Advice?

There's a simple and basic rule that you should use to evaluate all advice that is offered to you,
especially advice for which someone who doesn't know you is asking to be paid for!

Ask yourself why this person is selling or giving it to you.
If it sounds like a "certain to be rich ride",
then why is this person wasting his time on you
when he could be out there making "the fortune" for himself?

Of course I'm offering free advice here in this site,
so let's turn the question on me right now!
What's in it for me?
Well, look up at the top of this page.
You'll see who I am.
So my obvious motivation is to provide quality information and data
in order to "lure" visitors to open an account with my company!

So if someone promises you advice that will yield high returns,
and asks you for a price, you should immediately get suspicious!
If this were really true and pay for the advice
you'll immediately start getting these high returns!
Hey, that would sure be great and I wouldn't have a job anymore!

And if it were true, wouldn't you think
that the person trying to sell it to you would forget all about selling
and just watch his or her money double or triple every year?

But they're not doing that,
which should give you a pretty good idea about where the money's being made,
namely from you!

I'm not trying to say that you should never pay for advice,
just that you should not overpay for advice.
Some advice, especially the sort that comes from books on investments
can easily be worth many times their asking price.

Always Remember:
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

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