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My Predictions!

January 18, 2000 - By I. E. C. Haramis

Where will the market head for?
Everybody is entitled to his own prediction!
At least, I do stick to my previous ones
--and this has nothing to do with some of my friends
that falsely insist on calling me "Guru".
My predictions, yours, and your pet's...
all have the same chance of coming true!
he ... he ... he!!!
On the other hand,
I'm going to let you into a "well known" tiny "secret".
If I definately knew what the market was going to do
next day, week, month, or next year,
I wouldn't share it with you!
I would place everything I own into options and then... fly away!
You would never hear from me again!
I wouldn't even finish my book!
I would be history! ... A well remembered one (I hope)!
Now... Why do I say that?
You are smart! ... read me ... and you will understand!

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